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End of the Year Report: 2013-2014 School Year: Professional Development Attended

Office of Library Services Fall 2013 Conference

Workshops attended:

Keynote Speech--James Patterson

Making the Most of Community Partnerships

Ebooks in Libraries

Crossing Lines, Creating Connections: DOE/CUNY Curriculum Development Workshops


Learned about new features of the MyLibraryNYC program.

AASL's Best Apps and Websites


Click on the pictures for the complete list of AASL's Best Apps and Best Websites 2013!

Campus Librarian's Network

In addition to PD, CLN allows me to create a Personal Learning Network of librarians who share their best practices, gave the library access to LibGuides and EasyBib School Edition and provides the library with hundreds of new books for free each year. 

Office of Library Services Spring 2014 Summit

Workshops Attended:

Meeting the Uncommon Core of our Work Using Social Media

Using Data to Address School Improvement through the Library Program

Dr. Ross Todd's Evidence Based Practice for School Libraries