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End of the Year Report: 2013-2014 School Year: Grants and Projects

Grants Received

CCD--Special Collection on Social Change

$875 in additional funds for collection upkeep


Subscription to LibGuides--from Campus Librarians' Network


Subscription to EasyBib School Edition--from Campus Librarians' Network


$5,000 Library Improvement Grant--For agreeing to host (and then not having to host!) the Office of Library Services 2013 Fall Conference

Items Purchased:

5 desktop computers

1 laptop

1 charging cart for iPad2's

general supplies (pens, pencils, tape, etc.)

Library Reorganization

Program in a Box

My student teacher, Jamie Prince, devised the idea of a Program in a Box.  As there is only one of me and usually around 40 students in the library, it is difficult to run a program and also manage the library, answer questions and check out books.  Thus, the idea of boxes of origami, coloring and puzzles that students can access and work on indedpendantly.  The students are really enjoying them.  From these programs in a box, Jamie created a beautiful mobile of origami and the coloring pages have really fancied up my desk!