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End of the Year Report: 2013-2014 School Year: Goals

Last Year's Goals

  • Promotion of the library and the library's resources through continued outreach to teachers and to and students (social media, emails, flyers, programming).
  • Push the use of the library's ebook collection.
  • Encourage teacher use of the MyLibraryNYC pilot program.
  • Revamp websearching lessons.

Goals Met?

I feel as if I did successfully meet the goals I set for myself at the end of last year. 

Promotion of the Library: In September, I created an Instagram account for our library.  Here, I share pictures of all of the library books that I am reading, fliers for library events and when new books arrive.  I reached out to all of the teachers via email at least twice, once asking for teachers to submit book and DVD requests.  I got a huge response from teachers from that email, so I was really excited.

Ebooks: I placed a set of directions as to how to access the library's ebooks next to each computer.  I also encouraged students to use them when the physical copy of the book they asked for was already checked out.

MyLibraryNYC: I reminded all teachers of the program.  I do not think that many used it, but I do think that they students were using their cards.

Web-searching: At the end of last year, I found a technique called the C.R.A.P. method of searching (Currency, Reliability, Authority, Purpose/POV).  It's effective because it is so easy to remember.  I used it this year, all year, with much success.  The teachers loved it and the students remembered it.  I even had a student tell me she shared it with her college professor who wanted to use it!

2014-2015 Goals

  • Continue to push both teachers and students to use the library's ebooks.
  • Communicate more regularly with teachers via email, perhaps by subject taught.
  • Host at least 3 programs for students.
  • Host one program for teachers.