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MLK Campus Regents Test Prep Resources: Global History

Political cartoons

Map skills

Knowing where the countries are located will help you answer map questions.

Global History Jeopardy


TIPS for Document Based Questions (DBQ'S):

  1. Read the question carefully.
  2.  Look for the answer in the documents presented.
  3.  Include outside RELEVANT information in your answer.
  4. Proof read your essay at least TWICE before you hand it in.

John and Hank Green's CrashCourse in World History

Khan Academy on YouTube

WNYC's Global History Resources

Review Sheets and Quizzes

History and Review Sheets have quizzes to help you review


Learning KEY TERMS will help you answer questions correctly. 

MEMORY TIP; Use a different color for each topic.  Example: All of words associated with Imperialism should be in red. The color red would remind you of blood and war. Countries often use war to dominate a country.