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End of the Year Report: 2015-2016 School Year: Grants and Projects

Grants Received

CCD--Special Collection on Social Change--$500 in additional funds for collection upkeep


Subscription to LibGuides--from CCD Collection, worth $600


Subscription to EasyBib School Edition--from Campus Librarians' Network, worth approximately $562


INNOVATION! Maker Spaces in Libraries Grant--$11,000 to purchase 20 Lenovo laptops and the charging cart

New Yorkers Read 365

A list of books debuted at the Office of Library Service's Fall Conference, recommended by librarians across the NYC, organized by grade level.  Booklists, bookmarks, and posters are available here.

To promote the list, I labeled all of the books with the logo above and gave students bookmarks to keep track of how many they read.  For every three NYC Reads 365 books students read, I would give them a free book!  This semester, the following students earned free books:

Abdou Mbake-A&T

Maria Rosales-Law

Nicole Zhao-Hunter

Tomas Amador-HSAII

Candice Torres-UAM

Eroshion Ilo-Law

Nathaly Olivares-HSAII

Natalie Perez-HSAII

Chanel Romaine-UAM

Michelle Chen-Hunter

Yanuaria Lopez-HSAII

Akeem Lawson-Law

Jorge Morelos-Law

Jasmin Morales-Law

Maribel Ruiz-HSAII

Kathy Pan-Hunter

New York State Council for the Social Studies Conference

On April 1st, Mr. Ellis-Lee and I took our show on the road and presented at the New York State Council for the Social Studies conference in Albany.  We talked to social studies teachers and a director of a library program about the past four years of developing and executing a large scale research paper with our students.  The general consensus was that these teachers wanted to be doing this, but were unsure where to start—my answer was go talk to your librarian!!!!!