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End of the Year Report: 2016-2017 School Year: Professional Development Attended

Office of Library Services Fall 2016 Conference

Workshops attended:

Keynote Speech--Dr. Barbara K. Stripling

Workshop on Inquiry in the Social Studies Classroom by Dr. Stripling

Closing Speech by Sharon Draper



Other Professional Development Sessions Attended

ASCD Ambassador Training--learned the ins and outs of the ASCD Ebook collection, presented PD sessions attended by teachers, librarians and administrators on how they can access the ASCD ebook collection and how it can be utlized for professional development with their staff members.

Digital Citizenship and Digital Presence--discussed digital citizenship and how to work with our students to promote digital citizenship, as well as the importance of a digital presence and digital footprint.

AASL Best Websites for Teaching and Learning--a Saturday session covering AASL's Best Websites for 2016 and some updates on past best website winners.

Manhattan Professional Learning Community--presented on the ASCD ebook collection, learned about new features in our circulation system and best practices in collection development.

Brooklyn Book Festival Librarian's Breakfast--a discussion with Margaret Atwood!!!

Campus Librarian's Network

In addition to PD, CLN allows me to create a Personal Learning Network of librarians who share their best practices, gave the library access to EasyBib School Edition and provides the library with hundreds of new books for free each year. 

This year, CLN sponsored an Election Day PD on gaming in the library, which surprised me by focusing on low-tech board games.  It was fun and inspiring!