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End of the Year Report: 2016-2017 School Year: Grants and Projects

Grants Received

CCD--Special Collection on Social Change--$500 in additional funds for collection upkeep


Subscription to LibGuides--from CCD Collection, worth $600


NYC Reads 365 books--worth approximately $350



New Yorkers Read 365

This year's list of books, organized by grade level and recommended by librarians across the NYC, debuted this spring. Booklists, bookmarks, and posters are available here.


What Should I Read Next?

Based on a podcast called What Should I Read Next, by Anne Bogel, I created two documents to use with students, asking a bunch of questions  geared towards students who claim to not like reading or one for students who say they enjoy reading.  Teachers would have their students fill out the their choice of documents and I would spend time reading each students answers and selecting three titles, pulling one of the three titles for each student so that they would have a place to start.  I began class by explaining to the students how I came up with the suggestions and letting them know that there were two other choices and that they did not have to choose any of the books I recommended.  For the most part, students did choose one of my selections.  I think this was successful because students often feel overwhelmed with the number of choices in the library and having three recommendations that were hand selected based on your likes and dislikes allows students a solid place to start.