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End of the Year Report: 2016-2017 School Year: Goals

Goals for This Year

  • Market Ebooks
  • Acclimate to the new space, including setting up and organizing the room to make it feel comfortable and easy to navigate for our students and faculty
  • Create and integrate library usage policies
  • Reintroduce lunchtime crafts and chess
  • Use Instagram and my laminated door sign to talk about what I am reading and promote reading with students and faculty, and encourage faculty to do the same.

Goals Met?

This year was stranger than I anticipated.  Between opening a brand new library and being out on leave for three months, I feel like it went by in a flash and that I just did not get to do all of the things I had hoped to do.

I think we were able to acclimate to the new space, though creating policies and establishing behavioral routines within the library took longer than I thought it would.  Our technology arrived a few weeks into the school year and because the library was closed and under construction for the last couple of years, many students did not even realize it was finished.  I think we did see many more student visitors and more teachers than ever stopped by, so that was great.

About a month into the school year, I put a sign up on my desk that advertised that the library had chess, coloring supplies, bracelet making supplies, and materials to use for projects (scissors, glue, markers, crayons, etc.).  Soon after, students began asking for the chess board and inquiring to use the materials, so I feel that was successful.  

I did continue to use the library's histogram account to promote reading and share what I am reading, even while I was out on leave.  My laminated door sign got lost in the move and I did not get around to creating another one.  

I did not get to market ebooks, though there is still time!

Goals for 2017-2018

  • Find a way to integrate the makerspace materials into the library
  • Host a beginning of the year and summer reading kick-off
  • Collaborate with at least 2 new teachers
  • Restart NYC Reads 365 reading initiative and continue trivia questions
  • Build our foreign language collection