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End of the Year Report: 2014-2015 School Year: Grants and Projects

Grants Received

CCD--Special Collection on Social Change

$500 in additional funds for collection upkeep


Subscription to LibGuides--from Campus Librarians' Network, worth $600


Subscription to EasyBib School Edition--from Campus Librarians' Network, worth approximately$562


$7,500 Library BUILD Grant for Collection Development-focused on STEM, adult fiction and music resources


New Computer for Circulation Desk and lockdown--thanks to our continued participation in the MyLibraryNYC program, worth approximately $823

Library Construction

Starting in January, our library underwent a construction project, the first phase of a much larger project.  My student teacher and I began in January by inventorying the entire collection and then packing up the non-fiction books.  Construction was slated to begin over February break, so the entire room was emptied the week before.  When we returned, we saw that the construction had not begun at all, so we did our best to put as much of the library back together as possible.  Before April break, we again emptied the entire room.  They began construction, but it took much longer than projected.  The library is nearly ready to go, which at least means that we will be ready to open on the first day of school in September!  During April, May and June, I spent my time pushing into classrooms, creating LibGuides for summer reading and for Regent's prep, finishing orders and then putting the library back together.  It was certainly productive, but not ideal.  

New Yorkers Read 365

I was approached by the Office of School Library Services and asked to apply to help them create a city-wide book list for all grades.  I applied and was accepted to co-create the list for grades 11 and 12.  To be unveiled in the fall of 2015, you will see a city wide campaign for kids (and adults for that matter!) to read for fun!  Keep an eye out for the list!

Reading Motivation

This year I was lucky enough to be asked to help two schools with their reading motivation initiatives.  In the beginning of the year, I worked with Kristy Kalick of Hunter.  Their 10th grade advisory/college prep classes were transitioning to college literacy, as there is much research saying students who read more for pleasure do better on standardized tests.  We worked together to get all of the 10th grade college literacy classes into the library for a presentation on how to choose your next great read and to check out books.  

Similarly, I worked with Delia to provide two PDs for the UAM staff members on reading motivation.  The first session touched on how do we get students to actually want to read?  Teachers were being asked to host an all-grade read in their advisory classes as well, so in a follow-up session, we also talked about how to lead a text-based class discussion.  I stressed lot of modeling--the use of supportive language, reading what students are reading, even something as simple as having enthusiasm for what you are reading, which I hope the teachers brought into their classrooms.  

I really enjoyed helping out in both of these situations and would be glad to bring these lessons to other school communities.