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End of the Year Report: 2014-2015 School Year: Goals

Last Year's Goals

  • Continue to push both teachers and students to use the library's ebooks.
  • Communicate more regularly with teachers via email, perhaps by subject taught.
  • Host at least 3 programs for students.
  • Host one program for teachers.

Goals Met?

The construction this year really threw all of my plans for a loop, as the preparation for it really starting in the beginning of January.  This project was a great thing, thinking long term, but it took much longer than anyone thought and I felt a little helpless because I never knew what to expect!  That being said, I think I met some of my goals.

I made sure to get the email lists from each school early in the year and I did poll teachers on their suggestions for library materials.  I also shared with them the summer reading and regents prep LibGuides.  Finally, when the construction began, everyone was gracious enough to allow me to come to a faculty meeting to explain to the teachers what was going on and what they could expect from me.  I think that went a long way in encouraging teachers to reach out to me and in me getting some face time with all of the staff members.  I thank you for that.

Harry Potter Club meetings, bracelet making, and stop motion video making were all great programming for our students.  The PDs I hosted for UAM were, I think, successful programming for teachers, and I'd love to do more.

I did purchase more ebooks for the library and had a marketing plan, but that ran out of steam when the construction began.

2015-2016 Goals

  • Continue email and in-person communication with faculty members
  • Roll out planned marketing for ebooks using shelf markers (idea from Pinterest)
  • Host at least two programs for students
  • Teach at least one PD for teachers
  • Plan Dewey of the Week to spotlight non-fiction materials that are now shelved in the back room.