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Tech Information: Data Mining

What is Data Mining?

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Things You Should Think About WHen You Use Tech of Any Kind

Yes, all of the usual corporate and government entities know you're here. Google remembers everything you've ever searched, BuzzFeed knows how you've scored on all their quizzes, and your cell phone provider knows who you talk to and who you sleep with. Terms of Service agreements are an exercise in futility, encrypted email often takes more trouble than it's worth, and yeah, sure, go ahead and give Facebook a fake name, but don't think you're fooling anyone. Companies are collecting your data from just about everywhere, storing it through time unknown, and using it however they want. Oh, and that's where the FBI-and-friends find it.

This is How Much the Internet Knows About You

We found a service that takes the "personalization trend"  think uncanny Facebook ads, targeted email campaigns, and that pair of shoes you Googled once that follows you from sidebar to sidebar  up a notch. Crystal Knows claims that it can use such knowledge to improve that dreaded time suck: email.


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